Part of our first project for second year Illustration, we had to go to Kings Cross Station and accumulate information, drawings etc. to create an archive of material or visual essay exploring a place or location, so here they are as well as two of my favourite sketches from this exercise, but enlarged.

The first is mostly just amusing because in reality he was just someone waiting to pick up a (presumably) important person from St. Pancras station, but I accidentally made him look like a zombie. I’m thinking of developing him into a small narrative, possibly combining him with the history of St. Pancras Old Church cemetary, as there’s a memorial to Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin, author of ‘A Vindication of the Rights of Woman’ and also mother of Mary Shelly, author of ‘Frankenstien; or The Modern Promemtheus’. Zombies and Frankensteins monster are both similar in terms of being re-animated corpses and have influenced many creative minds over the years.

The second is from an overheard conversation as I walked past two people in Kings Place. All I could recall was that the man was talking enthusiastically and making hand-gestures, so I tired to recapture that enthusiasm, which I think was rather successful.


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