As part of my Reportage project, I was trying to find a location or an event which interested me. One of the locations I went to was The British Museum as I figured that there would be plenty of people there so I could listen in and hear snippets of conversation; also the museum contains many books and artworks anyway, so plenty of interesting things to see. I found however that while there were a lot of people, most of them were simply reading (so drawing them was a bit dull) or they were in the cafeteria which was so loud that you could barely hear anyone where I found that drawing people without them noticing was difficult too especially if you wanted to get a different vantage point as the most interesting ones were at a table and it looks rather odd if you switch tables randomly (especially if you haven’t ordered anything).

In the end, I decided that maybe the museum wasn’t the best place to base my project, although I did like the process of drawing on top of a pamphlet from the location as well as drawing images overlaying each other.


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