This workshop was quite fun and useful, as it made me focus on things which I found interesting/important. The subject I based them on was the musical performance by the band Sam Lee and Friends that I saw at St. Pancras Station.

The first 3 images (after the the brief) are the ones that I actually completed in the workshop, and the fourth is one of the enlarged images (My memory is failing me and I can’t remember what the other enlarged image was).

The 1st drawing allowed me to experiment with spacing between panels, as well as redefining (for myself) what the boundaries of panels could be (note the wobbly and incomplete black lines around some of the panels). There’re also some attempts at different perspectives and suggestions of an environment, without putting in too much detail.

The 2nd image was an attempt at breaking the monotony of panels at right angles to the borders and to capture some of the character of the music. The first led to some interesting combinations of bold and faded imagery and some breaking of boundaries, whereas the second led to some cliché and trite ‘ribbons’ as visual manifestations of music, which, once I’d realised what I’d done, now irritate me everytime I see them.

The 3rd is incomplete, but I wanted to give the impression of people from all over the station gathering to see the band. Maybe I’ll revisit the idea in future, but I had fun making all the colliding panels.

I enjoyed the process, so I made some more after the workshop (5th and 6th images). The first one, I’m not too fussed about, but the second one has one image which I think works really, really well, which is the 3 panels of the cello. It leads the eye and has a good sense of depth which is accomplished by the bow breaking the edge of the panel.


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