Second time I went to Kings Cross/St. Pancras, I visited St. Pancras Old Church again, as I liked the feel/aesthetic of the place. Very little happened that interested me, and I found it difficult to draw because it was quite chilly. The events were: some children were playing there (very difficult to draw them, especially without looking suspicious), a ladybird landed on me, and someone was walking their dog. However, I did manage to experiment with some layout (see the tall images) and some watercolour.

So, I eventually to to St. Pancras Station where it was warmer and busier to try and find something that captured my interest. Still nothing much caught my interest, so I went to The British Museum (the results of which you can see in a previous post). It looked quite hopeless so I met up with friend Tom, as I hadn’t seen him for a while, then went back to St. Pancras Station. There, we happened to see a band called Sam Lee (http://samleesong.co.uk/) who were performing as part of ‘The Station Sessions’ (http://stpancras.com/station-sessions), which I enjoyed so much that I bought their album there and then. I also drew them at whilst they were playing, which I found to be really challenging but rewarding, so I later decided to base my project on them playing.

This is Part 3. Click here for Part 1

                       Click here for Part 2


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