Another visit to St. Pancras Station. This time I was trying to get more drawings and photographs of the surroundings. Whilst I was drawing however, I found that there was an old man playing on one of the pianos in the station (they have these pianos there just so people can play them if they’re bored or feel like entertaining people. It’s a clever idea and can give a nice atmosphere to the place even if the player isn’t very good). I liked what I heard, so I sat down and drew him playing, wrote down some of the titles and/or lyrics of the songs as well as the comments he and other people gave as they passed. I even filmed a small part of it. From what I can gather, he regularly travels by train all the way from Rotterdam just to play the piano here. I told him about the drawings so he asked me if he could keep one. I was initially hesitant to give him one, but I figured, why not, and gave it to him. I can’t even remember what the picture looked like anymore, but I think it was a good one of him.

There was another old man, but he mostly just played classical tunes (I also got a good video of him) and he didn’t stay for very long either.

It was at this point that I started to wonder if I could maybe just incorporate the musical scene at St. Pancras Station as part of my final piece for Reportage.

This is part 1. Click here for part 2

                       Click here for part 3


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