My notes from are presented like this,

Whereas my later reflection on those notes are presented like this

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Jon McNaught – Comics in 3 colours, small


Jon McNaught, Pilgrims. Source

Jon McNaught’s website

Uses a lot of simplified images, able to create simple narrative effectively, with and without dialogue and even without much actually happening.



The doodle on the left is a drawing of Norman from ParaNorman, an animated film which I later saw. I mostly went to watch it for the animation, which was very good, although it could have been better. The second drawing’s an exercise in drawing heads which I learnt from this video.

Andrzej Klimowski


Andrzej Klimowski Source

Article about Andrzej Klimowski

Andrzej’s narratives seem to be rather confusing, especially as there rarely seem to be any explanation as to what’s going on. I’m not sure what to make of them really, but I think I need more context to form a proper opinion on them.

His montages however are very interesting.


Illustration for “The Book of Laughter and Forgetting” by Andrzej Klimowski, Source

Features a whole load of artists like McBess and Luke Pearson. Have added to my Google Reader in order to keep up to date about current illustrators/illustrations.

ELCAF – East London Comics Art Festival

Details for ELCAF on 17th June:

McBess as the artist in residence; live drawing relay races from Luke Pearson, Jack Teagle, Kyle Platts, and many more; a process talk by the unbelievable award winning talent that is BLEXBOLEX, chaired by the man at the crossroads himself Paul Gravett; 600 second interviews from Avoid the Future; a kids workshop organised by Anorak Magazine; Screenings by Nexus; panel discussions with Karrie Fransman, Darryl Cunningham and Simone Lia; stalls from the very best comics publishers, including Jonathan Cape, SelfMadeHero, Blank Slate, Nobrow (of course!), Knockabout, Landfill Editions, Solopsistic Pop, WAWAP, the list goes on…; AND!!! a ticketed concert featuring the Dead Pirates, the Vuvuvultures and a special guest running from 8 ’til late, there is honestly nothing to top it!

Use imagination to make story about people you observe

Encouraged to stalk

We weren’t actually encourage to stalk people, merely to observe what people do and the idea was thrown around about how it could be interesting to follow one specific person for a while, but then everyone realised that that is actually stalking.


There was an irritating fly around, sitting on pretty much everything. I can’t remember why I drew rats though.

Difference between place & space

Hogarth’s “A Rake’s Progress”



Hogarth’s “A Rake’s Progress”

A narrative set of 8 paintings, showing the decline and fall of Tom Rakewell. Similar to reportage in that describes and records an event, although this is after the event occurred, and has the artists views and morals influencing the images.

Sir John Soane’s Museum 10am-5pm Free entry

Sir John Soane’s Museum has Hogarth’s “A Rake’s Progress” on show




Christo Vladimirov Javacheff

Covers buildings and landscape with cloth

Photocopy sketches in sketchbooks & print out

Doodle: PatTutor



Was discussing my friend Stuarts current Graphic Design project, which was about water and getting people to reduce their water consumption or something like that. This was just a quick doodle of an idea I had to help him.


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