I considered basing my Reportage project in St. Pancras Old Church due to the interesting history (http://marvellyousart.tumblr.com/post/35162155197/st-pancras-old-church-research) and it’s aesthetic (I really liked the style of the building and the graves), however I found that very little events happened there which interested me. So, as a setting, it was suitable, but nothing really happened other than dog walkers, people passing through, a ladybird landed on me and once a large group of children were playing there (see more here). While I was tempted to use the event of the ladybird landing on me, it didn’t capture my imagination and none of the other events interested me visually, so I gave up on using the church. I am pleased with the images I made so I’d like to revisit the location for another project if I can.


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