Working out some musical drawings

I found this video online, which is a recording of one of the songs at that same performance by Sam Lee and Friends I saw in St. Pancras Station, so I decided to make some new drawings directly from the video. One of the things I was trying to get was a sense of the location as well as the music, but the video mostly only gives a limited view from one angle, so instead I focused on the people. The one I’m really chuffed with is the 4th image, which seems to have this great energy and colourfulness. Yet again, the cello seems to have come out best, most likely due to me not adding too much detail, which seems to be the problem with the figures on the right, but also not overloading it with colour along with a lack of detail, which is the case for the figures on the left.

Due to the success of using colour, I experimented with it in the 5th and 6th images, with mixed results. Some of it was too much, too little or just felt wildly out of place. I think more practise is needed to gain this balance and how to moderate my use of colour.


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