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Research for WD-40 project, details of which can be found here:_____________________

Well, first off, I figured it’s best to have a look at their website


Their adverts look like something out of a poorly thought out Powerpoint presentation, back when everyone in secondary school thought that making things spin in powerpoint was a clever and attention grabbing thing to do which would surely impress your audience!

Infographic on the many uses on WD-40

Seems more targeted at American audiences, what with mentioning of hurricanes and mud-slides etc. although they are still relevant to British climate too. Looks like they want to be taken seriously as a ‘multi-use’ product (although I don’t know why they don’t just say multi-purpose instead, maybe they think that it’s too mainstream, so they want to be the hipsters of the corporate world?), attempting to get away from being labelled as “the stuff my Dad always uses” and more towards being something that everyone should have.

WD-40’s Trade Association Partners:

National Association of Home Builders

Independent Electrical Contractors

The Plumbing , Heating, Cooling Contractors Assosciation of Northern Virginia – they really need to work on their website.

National Association of the Remodelling Industry

WD-40 and its Trade Association Partners are all American, which might be something to keep in mind when making this video, although I doubt it’s too important.

The WD-40 representatives seemed keen on showing that it can be used on bikes, and that it has a partnership with some BMX bikers.

Could be worth looking at BMX for the video so that it’ll tie in better with the companies interests.


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