This workshop focussed on tone.

Exercise 1

We were told to look at an apple and draw it for 2 minutes. Then the tutor explained about the memory link between looking at the apple and looking at your paper, and that if you look at the paper for too long, you start making an image from your head instead of of what’s actually in front of you.

Then we did the same exercise, but for 5 minutes.

With the second drawing, I think I managed to capture the shape fairly well (it was a pretty awkwardly shaped apple), although it does kind of look like a tangerine.

Exercise 2

This time, we had 40 minutes to do a drawing without any outlines, only using tone. Also, an additional challenge was to try and do the shading only in one direction. With the first drawing I was told to work bigger, so I started the second drawing. It looks fairly apple-like and there’s depth, but the shape was far too spherical in comparison to this particular apple, so I started a new one after 20 mins. I still failed to draw the shape accurately and it looks pretty flat.

Exercise 3

First step, we were given a sheet of paper (I think it was A4) and told to make a quick, interesting sculpture with it.

Then, we were told to cover an A3 piece of paper in charcoal and draw the sculpture using a combination of chalk, charcoal and putty rubber. The paper sculpture was at a slightly different angle to the photo above, but you get the idea. It kinda looks like a glacier more than anything, so I think I need to work on recreating the texture and edges of paper. Also, I think I need to smudge the black borders into the background and/or make the rest of the background as dark.

Exercise 4

Continuous line drawing of person sitting opposite you (Fay Wilson), but without looking at the page. I find that this technique doesn’t always work too well, but it’s interesting and amusing nonetheless. Maybe next time I’ll try spending less time on the drawing and do more drawings, as  this one seems to be too cluttered with details.

Exercise 5

Given foil, made a sculpture.

Made a drawing of the foil sculpture but with dots, just started using slashes too, but we ran out of time. Will finish and post it up this week. I really enjoyed this technique. While repetitive, it gives a very interesting aesthetic which is quite different to my usual style. It’s a simple enough idea, making an image entirely out of dots and/or slashes, but I don’t think I’ve ever tried it before and it works really well.


While I knew of most of these ideas and techniques from previous workshops (although I don’t think I’ve ever tried the dots/dashes technique before), it’s still good to be reminded of them from time to time, and also to practise them from time to time. I’m eager to try the dots/dashes technique sometime soon, although I don’t have a specific drawing in mind yet.


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