An example of giving objects character and shows what you can do with some fairly simple animation.

Spoilers below if you really care that much?

I find the narrative problematic, because the dot only went with the line because the squiggle couldn’t beat him at making impressive shapes, so it feels like she’s a trophy to be won rather than a person. I know this might seem kind of silly, because I’m discussing about the love life of shapes, but it matters as it can shape or re-affirm negative perspectives about women, and while people can argue that it’s a product of its time, the 1960’s, it’s still important to point it out.

There’s also the problem that it says at the end:

“And they lived, if not happily ever after, at least reasonably so.”

So the moral of the story essentially becomes:

“You shouldn’t be in a relationship for happiness, you should be in a relationship for dependability!”


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