Oh man I’m really behind with these posts, going to try and get on top of them asap.

Notes from talk before drawing:

Emma Dexter – Vitamin D (wrote the introduction)


Vitamin D book cover

Image Source

Ed Ruscha


Space by Ed Ruscha

Image Source


  • Observation
  • Visual note-taking
  • Analytical tool
  • Creative idea development
Visual concepts to explore within drawing
  • line
  • space
  • tone
Practice makes perfect
Ed Rusha
Pay Nothing Until April by Ed Ruscha
Paintings/words which don’t seem to work together
Rejecting materialism
Questioning corporations
Pop-art movement
Gunpowder & graphite drawings
Self-imposed exile from painting to concentrate on drawing (3 years)
I can see what Ed Ruscha’s point is, questioning advertisement and art, and I can appreciate the skill in the painting, but I don’t think his style is something that I’d want to copy. His gunpowder/graphite drawing on the other hand is something that I do very much appreciate. There is something about the dark and smoothly smudged background that works very well as well as the texture of paper that he’s managed to capture.


Drawing 1, we were just told to draw the life model in 5 minutes. I shaded her general shape, then used continuous line. Head’s a little small, but otherwise I think it’s alright.


Drawing 2. Started by shading just the right side of the figure, then attempted to create the outlines using only tone. Only a quick 5 min drawing, so not much to say about it.


Drawing 3. Proportions are a little bit all over the place, like the arm looks a bit thin and the head looks a bit small. Too much reliance on outlines and also foot does not look like it’s being sat on, only makes the person look like they’re floating slightly.


3 drawings, all done in felt pen and with continuous line. Continuous line remains one of my favourite techniques as it gives the art a bit more texture and life I think, as well as showing the mistakes made.


Paper sculpture which I drew from


Drawing of paper sculpture in chalk. The white contrasts well with the background, but I think I’d like to try this technique using a different object as the focus, possibly something with more surface rather than edges to draw.


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