Visual Communication, Drawing Workshop 3, 3/12/12

Click on pictures for captions and for details on how each of them were done.

The first of these drawings has a good composition, and the figures are layered, giving it a good sense of depth. There’s also an unintended effect of the figures getting smaller as they become more detailed and they’re also placed lower on the page as they sit down lower.

I’m not so fussed about the pepper drawing and the self portrait as end products. Sometimes it’s a bit hit and miss like that with continuous line drawings when you’re not looking at the page. I also got bored of drawing them again and again and again because we had so much time to do it.

However, whilst I’ve done continuous line drawings before, I’ve never done touch based drawings. I did quite like the idea of basing a drawing on how something feels, so you can try and create the shapes or the textures purely based on feeling rather than getting distracted by what your eyes tell you.

Finally, there’s the last drawing. We spent about an hour on this drawing, attempting to draw different textures. I chose a shiny thermos flask, some leather gloves and a scarf (mostly because they happened to be on hand). I switched with another artist partway through the drawing and we both made corrections/additions to each others work. I’d been struggling with some of the proportions  of the gloves, but I think a fresh approach from another artist helped immensely, and I like to think that he feels the same way about my contributions to his drawing.


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