As part of the WD-40 viral, I decided I wanted to make another rotoscope (see my first one here http://marvellyousart.tumblr.com/post/47947889675/i-made-a-rotoscope-based-on-this-video-of-project) but this time focusing on the gears of the bike.

This one took a lot longer than the last one because I was not only drawing more frames, but I was drawing in both charcoal and pen. I think these have worked together wonderfully, as the pen defines and makes things precise, whereas the charcoal gives a good sense of movement. One of the ideas is to project it onto the bike, so I inverted and whitened it on photoshop so that there wouldn’t be any jarring white borders (I also resized it to be in a 9 by 16 ratio, typical for film). I think it looks a lot more striking now.


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