Early experimentation and ideas for ‘Fake’ project. I tried making a mind map/brinstorm to figure out what I want to do, but nothing really enthused me. I do like the idea of making a project about a presence behind you, that feeling you get sometimes when it’s dark and, while you know that no-one’s behind you, it feels like there is. I didn’t really know where to start though, so I printed out lots of photos from my mood boards and started to edit them. So here we have part of a preserved mummy’s face, an inverted drawing of a flapper, a cross dresser with a lucifer statue creepily close behind it, and a weird horned thing. They’re all really successful I think, very dramatic due to the lack of colour and thick shadows.

There’s something about the flapper and the cross dresser though that draws me to them, but I’m not sure what. It might be that they just look like they have a lot of character or are just visually appealing. Either way, I decided that I wanted to include them as part of the narrative that I’m creating.


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