I decided that for the ‘Fake’ Project that I’d focus on these two characters. With the project, I want to explore the idea of imaginary friends, and that maybe they’re not something for children. I’ve spoken to some friends about their experiences with imaginary friends (some of which still have them) to get an idea as to how they interacted with these friends and how others reacted to them. I got some suggestions of films and such to watch for research too (of these I’ve watched Drop Dead Fred. It was ok, very dated and simple humour, wasn’t really my type of film. It almost became kinda touching/meaningful at the end, but I don’t think it managed to fully convey its meaning/message well). Anyway, as you can see from the mindmaps/brainstorms, I had several ideas as to where the plot could go, but I think the simpler the better, as I’ve only got 6 images to tell it in and not much time to do it in. The general gist of it is going to be that there’s a crossdressing woman in the 1930’s/40’s America who’s lonely and sad, who’s reminded of her childhood when she was in a similar state. When she was a girl (about age 8?) in the 1920’s, she makes an imaginary friend, (either she was just lonely or maybe her parents are arguing?) based on a photo of a Flapper she’s seen in the newspaper. Then we flash forward to her present day, and either her imaginary friend reappears and comforts her, or she’s always been there and is now comforting her or something. It’s a little bit vague, so I need to do some more planning.


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