Visual Communication, Drawing Workshop 4, 10/12/12

Click on pictures for captions and for details on how each of them were done

I’m really happy with the way the gasmask drawing turned out. The glass eyes were difficult to get right, and I was starting to get the plastic feel of it right, but it needs more time to get it right. I don’t think it’s as creepy as it could be, but I think that it that could be fixed with a background/some context.

I’m also pretty pleased with my drawing of my coat. while unfinished and lacking in some places, I feel I managed to nail the depth and texture of the fabric in others, particularly in the top left of the drawing in the part around the button.

The last two drawings I found difficult because I couldn’t get the proportions right. It’s odd how the more perfect the shape, the more awkward it is to draw. I spent too much time on the proportions, so didn’t get time to add much, if any, texture.


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