Visual Communication, Drawing Workshop 5, 7/1/13

This week, it was life drawing with a nude female model. First image is just 2 quick pencil sketches to warm up. Quite pleased with the image on the right, as I think I managed to capture the shadows quite well.

Second image is drybrushing with black paint. It’s interesting because you don’t notice the figure straight away (a badly proportioned one who looks like she’s missing some organs which is why she’s so thin, but a figure nonetheless) as, despite her being the centre of the painting, the objects in the room stand out more than her, as they’re more defined.

The next one worked particularly well too, both in proportion and tone. I started with a rough tonal shading of the figure, then a rough outline. After that, I separated her body into small shapes, which really helped to sort out her proportions and how her body all connected together. I’m quite pleased with the lighting on her legs, neck and shoulder too, as the lighting looks very soft and natural, which is due to smudging the pencil.

Finally, there’s the pen drawing for capturing movement. First, I drew the background to give a sense of place and also something to compare the model to whilst she was walking around in order to make proportion easier.  I selected and followed the movement of part of her body, starting with the feet, then the hips, shoulders etc. This gave me a good guide for proportion, and also (to me) gives a good sense of momentum.
 I think that in order to develop this technique, I need to spend more time on it and also use a material such as charcoal to capture the body more easily and quickly.


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