Life Drawing 30/1/13

First image page were some warm ups. Think I did well with getting the line of action (vaguely) right first, which I feel gives the pictures a lot more character than some of my previous drawings.

2nd set of drawings was an exercise in narrative, attempting to capture the feeling of the poses rather than any accuracy in anatomy or proportion, which I think worked successfully (except maybe the image third from the left. While it’s alright on its own, but seems a bit out of place with the rest of them). I do quite like the image of her vomiting (due to my creative license rather than actual vomiting), as it gets some of the feeling of sweating and shaking, although this could be exaggerated more.

The 3rd set of drawings works better than the second set, as it has a better sense of narrative structure (smaller to larger images, leading eyes across the page, despite it going right to left). I’ve made the image of the model with the ‘skull’ larger simply because I like it.

All the drawings were done using charcoal and using my left hand rather than my usual right (although with the last image I started using my right hand because I’m an idiot. Realised my mistake halfway through and switched hands.)


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