1st image for my final piece. It’s going to be the second in the series (first will be when she’s an adult so there can be a flashback).

In this image, she’s very lonely, hiding underneath a table and has yet to make/meet her imaginary friend.

Work in progress for first image here (will get back to it), pose references here and here, expression reference here, clothes/children references here, here and here).

Had some problems to begin with, proportions were a little bit off (lower half of leg too short/small etc.). Decided to use card after this workshop as I love the effect that texture has on images, so I stuck them on top of drawings and used it for backgrounds too, layering on photoshop and creating lots of shadows which took quite a while to get right (still not entirely happy with it, but I need to move on to the other pictures). I used black and brown paint to get that varying texture on the floorboards and table legs, which I’m quite pleased with. There’s some nice experimentation here, and I really like the atmosphere I’ve made, my only concern is that it took me ages to make this, so I might not have time to dedicate this amount of effort to every image, as I didn’t even get to do everything I wanted for this image (there was going to be a newspaper with an image of a flapper on it to give the girl the idea for a flapper as an imaginary friend, and also maybe some broken glass so that images of the parents arguing could be seen in the reflections)


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