So we had a show along with the 3rd year animators in order to show our current work on the WD-40 viral and also some of our previous reportage work. For this we wanted to show the effects of montage in video, so I was given the task of creating some static montages using screen shots from the footage that we had.

The more successful ones tell a short story, are similarly themed or are similar enough in their lighting and/or colours so that they feel like they have a consistent tone.

I helped a lot with sticking up the work ready for the show both on the day before and on the day itself, but I wasn’t entirely sure that all the work would compliment each other, as I felt that the only thing they had in common was a sense of narrative and even then it wasn’t necessarily strong in all of them. It still worked out fine however, with only some minor confusion, possibly because the labels weren’t too clear/large enough for people to realise that it was a joint Animation and Illustration show. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to take any photos of the event, but I have since managed to get some photos from Jade Carter (a second¬† year animator who also worked a lot on the WD-40 viral. Check out her tumblr here!)

Overall, the exhibition was fun, and it was pretty cool to see a short extract from the upcoming Asterix and Obelix film in a talk by Louis Clichy. There’s some more information about the exhibition here:



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