So, third image in the ‘Fake’ series (Second is here). This one took awhile to get right, because I couldn’t get the shadows to sit well. I felt that I should hide the pencil lines more, but eventually realised that it wasn’t too bad when they did show. I’ve learned that harder shadows tend to give a creepier atmosphere, and CMYK tends to give a less brilliant picture (4th, 5th & 6th images are in CMYK, 7th & 8th are RGB), and seeing as I wasn’t necessarily planning on printing the image, I decided I’d settle for brilliant colours instead of accuracy when printing. The brilliant colours help to give the image a warmer feel, something which I was getting frustrated at in CMYK as it felt too faded and not as bold as the last image I did.

Again, I spent far too much time on this image and getting the shadows right. If I could, I’d spend a week just tweaking the shadows and getting them perfect, but I don’t have the time, so maybe I’ll revisit it if I ever get time.

I’m pretty happy with her design too. Feels very much like a flapper, with bright and cheerful colours suitable for a child’s imagination.

Crawling reference pictures here, framing/image ideas here


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