Used some reference photos to get the pose right for this.

Getting the shadows right for this took a while, and it’s still not right. Again, I’m struggling for time. The 4th and 3rd image look a little  weird and creepy because:

1. The flapper girl has no shadow (because she doesn’t exist. This lack of shadow was hidden in the 3rd image by the table leg shadow.

2. The flappers feet don’t look like they’re resting naturally and make her seem like she’s floating

3. The sad girl’s hand looks very claw-like and threatening/creepy.

In all of them, the flapper girl’s hair looks like a hat and the green comes off quite strongly here, as I was trying to emulate the strong colours of the previous two, but I don’t think it quite suits it. The folds in the tablecloth need more work too. Maybe warmer colours could work, but at the moment I really need to move onto the next image.


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