Working out the 5th/6th scene, not sure which one yet. The problem I’m having is I don’t know quite what pose I want to do, or how I want it to end. I want the viewer to realise that the friend is imaginary, but I don’t want to be overly ‘in your face’ about it. One image I was thinking  of is with the imaginary friend comforting the real woman, but in front of a mirror where she has no reflection (maybe a reflection of the real girl to show that it’s deliberate?). The problem with that is then I don’t know what to do for the last image after/before that. The other option is to do an image of the real woman sitting up from the bed, trying to get past the loneliness, showing her strength of character (when I’ve been drawing her, I’ve felt that, despite the crippling loneliness, she has a strong willpower and is quite outspoken), but then the next image would be of the imaginary friend hiding in the bathroom or something, again with a mirror showing a lack of reflection to show that she’s not real. I’m not entirely sure which to pick, and unfortunately I’ve pretty much run out of time, so I’ll try and do one of these images if I get some time while I’m not doing my new project.

Again, the photos were to be used as reference, using my models Liam and Emma once again


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