To form a collective and produce a zine or handmade artist book based on one of the pieces of text.

You should select one of the three pieces of text to use as the basis for your publication. The text choices are all based around a theme: disaster! They are very different in tone and content; factual, fictitious, public information, poetic, documentary, historical and contemporary.

You can choose to what extent you use the text. The text can be replicated in the book in whole, in part or you may choose to leave it out and make your book wholly image based. You may also choose only to use a small part of the text on which to base your images.


1/ The Birds by Daphne du Maurier.

The Birds is a novelette by British writer Daphne du Maurier, first published in her 1952 collection The Apple Tree. It is the story of a farmhand, his family, and his community that are attacked by flocks of seabirds in kamikaze missions. The story is set in du Maurier’s native Cornwall shortly after the end of World War II. By the end of the story it has become clear that all of Britain is under aerial assault.


2/ Hundreds hurt in Russia after meteorite falls to Earth.

This text is a factual news article form the Guardian newspaper documenting the meteorite that exploded over Russia this month.


3/ Protect and Survive

Protect and Survive is a public information series on civil defence produced by the British government during the late 1970s and early 1980s. It is intended to inform British citizens on how to protect themselves during a nuclear attack, and consists of a mixture of pamphlets, radio broadcasts, and public information films. This booklet tells you how to make your home and family as safe as possible under nuclear attack.


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