New project, ‘Recipe for Disaster’, for which I’m in a collective group with Heather McCulley (go check out her work, it’s really good) and Miroslava (who I’ve seen once since we started this project, not sure if she’ll end up contributing much/anything), both first year Illustrators. We had a choice of 3 texts: A novelette called ‘The Birds’ by Daphne De Maurier which was the basis of the famous Hitchcock film of the same name, a Guardian article about the recent Russian Meteorite by Howard Amos or a leaflet called ‘Protect and Survive’ which was intended to give the public the advice on what precautions to take should nuclear war ever break out.

We needed to pick one and make either a zine or a handmade artist book based on it.

Both me and Heather preferred the ‘Protect and Survive’ and ‘The Birds’ novelette to  the Russian Meteorite article, and Miroslava hasn’t been there to talk about it, nor has she replied to any of the e-mails, so we’re not waiting for her opinion on it. In the end we decided to go for ‘The Birds’ as we needed to make a choice and we figure that if we’ve got the narrative to guide us, then we’re less likely to wander off on tangents within our art.


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