The second text is a pamphlet produced in the 1980’s in preparation in-case of a nuclear attack.

  • The purpose of this text is to be informative – the illustrations are used as diagrams to further explain the text
  • This has an effect on the illustrations – they are simple and to the point, to ensure that the reader understands them
  • The leaflet was probably made using cheap materials and grey scale ink. This allowed many of them to be produced in a short span of time.
  • The information does not hold back – it tells the facts as they are, doesn’t soften them, and takes no concern for the comfort of the reader. However, such a confident stand can be reassuring to the reader, and makes them feel more in control.
  • All the illustrations are male – this shows the target audience – gender roles in the 1980’s suggest that men are the head of the family and therefore it was the mens job to protect the family

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