On Thursday we had out first meeting, during which we conducted research and discussed the three options of texts.

The Birds:

  • Take care with the shape of the book – maybe cut them into the shape of wings? – To ensure each page is cut identical the use of a laser cutter would be useful. The binding that would be most appropriate for this would be the Japanese stab binding because this reduces the chance of the page edges becoming staggered as they are folded.
  • Narrative – scenes of text mixed with images – illustrate each scene  or important parts of the text. Maybe a concertina would be best used for this as it allows the story to progress smoothly.
  • Colour scheme – black, white, and red. The amount of red and the intensity can be increased as tension builds. The last frame could be mostly red to create an ominous ending.
  • The birds are a metaphor for the threat of Russian and Chinese communism.
  • The tone of the story is very ominous as it is told solely from Nats point of view. By limiting our knowledge of the outside world, the writer has created suspense.
  • Kamikaze – Japanese suicide pilots. The birds fly into the planes, causing them to crash, like a swarm of mindless locusts.
  • The birds don’t need to look threatening or evil – they already are by just being there – they look calm while rested (but still ominous) but can cause sudden panic if all take flight at once.
  • Hundreds of smaller birds forming one larger bird?image

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