We found it rather difficult to decide which story, of The Birds or Protect and Survive, we wanted to use for our project. So we made a list of things we liked about each:

The Birds

  • Strong visuals – book and movie
  • Atmosphere – tension, ominous, and creepy
  • Strong story – much text does not need to be included as the images provide enough information
  • Clear colour scheme – black/white/red really works together
  • More relatable – we see birds every day, in an average contemporary setting

Protect and Survive

  • Open ended – not restrained by a single plotline
  • The research and back story is very interesting
  • As it is not based entirely on text, the story could be told through images only
  • Interesting setting – pre/post apocalyptic

In the end we settled for The Birds as we felt that with a clearer story we could make progress faster in a short period of time.


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