Today we had to present our mockup books. There are the feedback sticky notes that the other groups left us.

People felt that some of the pages are too busy, which we both agree with. This may be simply because they are just the placeholder images, and therefore are expected to jarr with each other. We have already decided to add more pages in order to allow images to be spaced out more. We also intend to overlay images with each other rather than in their own little bubble. This will mean that the images should fit better on the page.

Most people generally feel like our styles work well together, except for one person. However, after seeing how other groups have worked together, we have decided to take a different approach to how we work.

Instead of each working on separate images, we have decided to work together on the same picture. For some images I will do the sketch while Lewis draws the charcoal over the top, and for other images he will do the sketches while I do the charcoal or ink. We have also decide to generally stick to our strengths – I focus on scenes and birds, while Lewis sketches the people. However, this has highlighted my need to practice drawing people more.


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