For Illustration in general:

  • A website helps regardless of what career in art you’re pursuing.
  • Arrange to share links to other people websites on your own and vice versa. You get more hits on google and people are more likely to find/browse your website.
  • Get your work hosted on an agency as it’ll help with exposure and they will recommend your work to clients if they think that it is suitable.
  • Make as many contacts as possible

Children’s Illustration

  • Children’s Illustration is a competitive business. You’re more likely to be successful if you can write your own stories as well as publish them (although this will take longer).
  • Illustrating children’s books takes a long time, so make sure you’re enthusiastic for the project. Some people can take a year or more to work on a single book.
  • Get an agent/publisher, it’ll help a lot as you are basically paying them for their contacts and these are an invaluable resource.

Webcomic Artist

  • Gain an online following. Do this by increasing your online presence and increasing your exposure. Advertise as much as you can (although obviously don’t overwhelm people and make sure your adverts are relevant to your content). This will all take time and you will need to maintain this online presence throughout your webcomic career, so be patient and organised.
  • Try to keep your comics updating regularly by maintaining a buffer. People like webcomics which update reliably.
  • If you are going to write your webcomic as well as draw it, you need to make sure that you practise your writing skills as much as your drawing.

Links for some of the research I did. The webcomics list of skills etc. is informed by my general understanding of the webcomics industry from articles and blog posts I have read over the years rather than any specific articles that I can remember.






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