So for my 3rd year Illustration major project, I want to illustrate a children’s book. I am currently considering doing a collaborative project with faywilsondesignblr attempting to explain the basics of depression/bipolar disorder to children. The way we’re thinking of doing this is by saying that the brain is run by Goblins who all have various tasks, some of which are more efficient than others, but sometimes they misbehave or are overwhelmed etc. One of the focuses will be that these conditions fluctuate and that sometimes people have good days/really bad days when these conditions can change dramatically.

We are both quite aware of the chance that we may misrepresent people suffering from depression/bipolar disorder, but Fay has had experience herself with her own family and wants to make the kind of book that she would have found helpful when she was younger, as mental illnesses/disabilities/disorders etc. tend to be an area that many parents are uncomfortable with/find difficult to explain to children.

Anyway, the point is that we would like the opinions of people who DO suffer from these or have had experience with caring for people who have depression/bipolar disorder. We want to know what’s most often misunderstood/under-represented involving these conditions, or things which you think are important for people to understand regarding these.


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