So after realising that my previous idea didn’t work as well as I thought it did, I went back to the drawing board. I realised that the article I’d read with Cast-Iron Billy was from a book ‘Street Life in London’ which contained other interviews and articles that shed more light on how Cast-Iron Billy’s life must have been like.

My intention was to modify the idea of my poster shift the focus to Cast-Iron Billy listening to his passengers stories, as Noel (a tutor) pointed out that cabbies tend to be see and talk to all sorts of people in their line of work, so it would could make a good story, as well as tying in neatly with the theme of London Stories.

So I read more of the interviews, making notes, picking out details which I found were interesting or that I could make another story out of.

Notes on London Street Life 1

Notes on London Street Life 2

Notes on London Street Life 3

At first, I thought I could have several stories interlinking, but that would require time I didn’t have, and it needed to be simple, because as a poster it requires getting across an idea in a glance. So I narrowed it down to 1 story, that of Jacobus Parker, known as the Dramatic Shoeblack. He was essentially a street performer, but one who primarily acted. He performed pieces of plays to the public, often in bars or streets and then the audience would give him coppers if they enjoyed it. I thought that this could tie in nicely with the theme, as it would be a London story about someone who’s listening to a story about them entertaining people by telling stories.

Below is the first draft of how I thought the narrative would progress. The speech bubbles are similar to my last year’s collaborative project, The Birds, which was inspired by dialogue in the webcomic (warning, content in webcomic generally NSFW) Chester 5000 XYV.

Scene plan 1

Scene plan 2


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