Now that I had my rough plan for my poster, I fleshed it out. I sketched various scenes from it and laid it out like so.


However, it still seemed too rigid, the storyline didn’t flow like I wanted it to, and I felt that there wasn’t enough focus on the performer’s story, as the journey and the listening should be secondary. So I made some adjustments and added in some more drawings:


After some feedback from other students, I decided to remove the speech bubbles as they were too isolated in the corner and so ended up attracting too much attention to themselves, where the attention should be more on the story itself. They were also unimportant in the general scheme of things, as speech can be implied.

There were also going to be some hecklers, but I found that it felt cluttered with them included, plus it gave a sour feel to the whole image which could only be fixed with additional scenes, and due to the nature of a poster I felt that too many things would be happening that I felt it would only confuse viewers.

The scene showing London in the background has been moved to the top, which works as an introduction that sets the scene for the viewer, and also because I felt that its previous location split up the flow of the narrative.

I also removed the performer leaving at the end, as I felt it was unnecessary. The viewer only needs to see the story finish for closure, they don’t need to see him leaving.

The next step was colour/lighting. Originally, I thought that a sort of brown/sepia theme would work well, but then I remembered that the brief asked for a ‘vibrant’ look, and I felt it was implied that, rather than brown, they wanted happy and eye-catching colours.

While I didn’t know what colours would work well for this poster, I knew the general look that I wanted. It would be something simple with a limited palette (to keep cohesion), the main changes in colour coming from dramatic lighting, in a similar style to that of a page I’d drawn earlier in the year.

So I focused on the lighting rather than colours, coming up with a rough idea as to how it would look like:


I did have a spur-of-the-moment experiment with a potential colour scheme, which I thought could work, but the detail became difficult to make out, and I felt that it was too gloomy/ghostly for this particular brief:


More tones/colours. I wanted it to be clear that it was the same performer but in different roles, so I had gave each character a basic colour to distinguish one from the other:





Next, more experiments with colour.

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