Quick note: Ok, I realised that putting the text underneath the image is a lot easier to read on a blog like this than having the text above, so I’ll be doing that from now on.

I next tried to highlight the focus of the poster; Jacobus parker’s story. I chose orange as a placeholder highlight for this, so that I could get the shape of the highlight sorted before fussing about a colour.


After some deliberation, I decided that the speech bubble would work better coming from below, as the speech bubble from above appeared clunky. Also, now that the speech bubble no longer came from above, this allowed me to line up the top images which gives a better symmetry in my opinion, allowing the viewer to read it better.

Tidied up the highlight a bit too, but also put more focus on the bowing figure and characters by dimming the background highlight a bit. The glow around their heads is incidental.


Again, I tidied up the highlights, but as I did so I made a small experiment with the background colour. I’d found that the orange worked quite well as a highlight, as well as being a warm/soft colour. However, the grey background didn’t suit it, so I decided to find a colour to compliment it. I wanted it to feel like night-time, as that felt appropriate, giving the sense that Parker is returning home after a long days work. Also, a darker colour would give more emphasis to the orange highlight in the middle and everything feels far more dramatic at night.


Tidied up the building silhouettes at the top, added some more lighting to the highlighted characters in the middle.


Experimented a bit here with a few things. Firstly, I made the background colour a darker shade. This defined the lighting on the main characters more, but made them a bit too dramatic I think. They look ominous rather than friendly/entertaining, so I later lessened the contrast between the light and shadow.

My other experiment was with Parker and Cast-Iron Billy in the top and bottom. I gave them colours to represent the excitement, joy and warmth that Parker had for his job, which would then pass on to Cast-Iron Billy in the last panel as he enjoys Parkers story. However, this

a) felt more than a bit cheesy

b) wasn’t really necessary, the visual parts tell the story well enough and don’t need this added emphasis

c) distracted from the focus of the poster, so now the viewers eyes were drawn everywhere on the poster rather than to a certain point.

Perhaps in a different project it could have worked as a nice visual metaphor, but in this it detracts rather than adds.


Another experiment with colour. I tried changing the highlight colour, and managed to make this. The pink is bit much though I think, as it doesn’t highlight as well as the orange, and it almost looks like something out of a love story.

And now I’ll carry on in another post, as WordPress sucks ass and seems to dislike uploading new images.

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