So, as i said in the last post, this was the poster I submitted for the London Transport Museum competition. I received some useful criticisms about it though, and because they were so minor (and I agreed with them) I decided to address them.


I made the background lighter, the 3 costumed Jacobus Parkers level, made more space and added a background to the bottom scene. I wasn’t entirely satisfied though; I didn’t feel that the colour was quite right, possibly it needed to be lighter, but still keep that feeling of dark evening/late afternoon. The level Jacobus Parkers didn’t seem to work quite right, possibly because before the slight tilt emphasised the hamlet-esque pose of the Parker on the right. Finally, the bottom scene; now there seemed to be almost too much space while simultaneously squashing the middle image, and the scene looked too dark, so the white highlights on the building behind them look like snow rather than light, so perhaps a lamppost is needed.


This is my final version of the poster. I changed the background colour, which gave everything a more sepia appearance, which I think suits it well. The tilt of the Parkers and the size of the speech bubble has been restored, and in the bottom scene I added a lamppost, faded out parts of the scenery (as a lot of it still looked like snow) and made the character+omnibus slightly smaller so that, while there is still as much space at the bottom as before, it feels like there is more space for the characters.

Reflective Summary

This project was really difficult to get an idea for and I stumbled several times along the way, but I managed to find a subject which I thought was interesting (I think I could have honestly read that whole London Street Life book and made an illustration for each story) and, though difficult, adapted it to the project. I gained some insight into the lives of Victorian era lower class workers, like Cast Iron Billy and Jacobus Parker, and while the nature of the project brief mean that I couldn’t portray their lives as accurately as I would have liked (a poster showing just how cruel and demeaning the conditions of poverty in Victorian England were could have been an excellent chance to shatter the romantic illusion many have that Britain’s large and prosperous empire was glorious for all involved, when in reality it was only beneficial to a few rich elite), I still enjoyed making a narrative essentially about job satisfaction.

I feel that the project has managed to help me develop my photoshop skills (the challenge of creating convincing lighting from the lamps was fun) and made me realise how important a sense of setting/scenery can be, especially the little things.

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