After being stuck in a creative rut for a week or two, I received some feedback from tutors and decided to experiment with acrylic paints, as they felt that I needed to try different materials in order to try something different, vary up my work and get myself motivated again. I was surprised when it not only worked but managed to produce genuinely good work.


Combs are hard


Hairstyles are hard


Painting is haaaard

The Outsiders image 1

I’m incredibly happy with these outputs, especially the last page, which is an interpretation of how Ponyboy looks after he’s been beaten up by the Socs; bruised and bloodied. The paint managed to give appropriate textures that suit the tone and personality of the Greasers, who are gritty and messy. Probably the most difficult thing to get right was the hair, as the texture and shape of it was important, but very easy to get wrong.

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