Decided that the most suitable text for the title would be more painted words, so as to blend well with the rest of the cover.

Below are some of my experiments with arranging the imagery and text.The Outsiders cover 1 The Outsiders cover 2 The Outsiders cover 3 The Outsiders cover 4 The Outsiders cover 5 The Outsiders cover 5.1  The Outsiders cover 6The Outsiders cover 5.2

This bottom one is the image which I think works best compositionally,  as the framing of the face looks dramatic, and the text lines up perfectly with his eye. While I do like the symbolism of the face, switchblade and comb as a mock ‘skull and crossbones’, I think that for this front cover they don’t work well enough, as they throw off the rest of the composition and detract from the simplicity of the bloody and bruised Greaser face.

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