‘What A Carve Up!’ final cover, uncropped version

What A Carve up 8 cropped (small)

‘What A Carve Up!’ final cover, cropped version


‘The Outsiders’ final cover, uncropped version


‘The Outsiders’ final Cover, cropped version

Reflective Summary

This project flew by incredibly quickly,  and ended up with me focusing far too much on a single project rather than working on both at the same time. I’m incredibly pleased with ‘The Outsiders’ cover, as I feel that it’s a strong piece of work in its own right. ‘What A Carve Up!’ was less of a success, but I think I made a good piece regardless of the small amount of time I spent on it. I think that it could be improved a lot, given more time, but the deadline for this project encroaches, so if I do then it won’t be in time for hand-in.

This has been an eye-opening project, as I have realised that under pressure sometimes I don’t generate many ideas, and so often go with the first idea I think of instead of exploring multiple options. This can be detrimental as the first idea may seem good, but has the possibility of not working, so in that case I need other ideas to fall back on so that I at least have something rather than nothing at all.

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