Read ‘What A Carve Up!’ and thoroughly enjoyed it. I made notes on what I found most interesting/enjoyable/iconic as well as repeated themes, just like I did when I was going through ‘The Outsiders’. From these notes, I toyed with various ideas in my head, including incorporating the recurring scent of Jasmine and the Detective Findlay Onyx, but eventually focused on the idea of projecting the title ‘What A Carve Up!’ onto a wall, as the title is a reference to a film mentioned frequently in the book, as Michael (the main character) is obsessed with it, so I thought that it would work nicely both as an impressive title and as a visual reference to projected films.

Then came the problem of what else should be featured on the cover, as I would need some way of adding the author’s name along with taglines on the front, back and spine. After going back to the book I came to the idea of creating a faux investigation pinboard, such as Michael (the main character) might have had when he was investigating the Winshaw family. So, I scanned in interesting articles from the book about the Winshaws and arranged them to be cut out and pinned:

Articles 1


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