Another 24 hour zine, this time based on the topic of ‘Research’.

One of the things I associate with research is science, then I remembered about the trailer for the ‘I, Frankenstein’ film, so naturally I wanted to do something inspired by the idea of Frankenstein and his monster.

Originally, I was going to have a short story about him making a monster purely so they could be BFF’s, so make it all sinister and then when the monster lives, the tone suddenly becomes all happy and they go have icecream and high-five, complete with obligatory limb-falling-off-joke.

Then I thought more about the narrative and characters; Did I need Frankenstein to be male? After all, the Frankenstein story has been rewritten and reworked so many times, and I can’t think of any examples of female ‘mad scientists’ in popular culture, so why not?

I also wondered if perhaps the ‘monster’ was actually Frankenstein’s friend when they were alive, but they died before their time so now Frankenstein’s bringing them back because she can. Then perhaps, in order to focus more on the research part of the brief, the monster gets mortally wounded or killed by scared villagers (even though Frankenstein and the monster aren’t doing anything bad, they’re just chillin’) and so the page ends with Frankenstein either researching ways to fix her monster, or she’s got the monster’s brain and is working on making a new monster body.

However I then realised that I only have an A5 page and this story was getting a bit long/far away from the original topic, so I instead just focused on Frankenstein just doing some general research before bringing her monster to life.

Some sketches:


Scan 2 Scan 3

Here’s a previous submission for 24 hour zineĀ based on the topic ‘Circus’


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