In this project, me and Fay feel it’s important to include sufferers of depression in the development of this book, so that their opinions and experiences of depression will inform our writing and art. To do this, we are going to send e-mails to friends and contacts with depression as well MIND and Re-Think Mental Illness, two charitable organisations which aim to promote understanding of mental illness. We hope that they will help us with the direction of the book and that the organisations will share the message with some of their social media followers who could help us with our project.

The questions:
1. What would you say is the most important thing for people to understand about depression?
2. What other things do you feel are important for people to understand about depression?
3. If/when you first told people about your depression, were there any memorable experiences that you would like to share?
4. What do you think about having goblins representing the mind? Do you think it is appropriate?
5. Are there any important resources that you feel help sufferers?
6. For you, what was the most difficult part of depression?
7. What kind of things would trigger or help you through a bad episode?
8. Do you know of any efforts to help or understand depression that, despite good intentions, have ended up being detrimental or even offensive?
9. How do you feel sufferers of depression are represented in various media’s? If you can, please give both good and bad examples.
10. Could you draw your idea of what goblins would look like for us?

EDIT: Question 2 was merged with Question 1 to become: “What would you say is the most important thing for people to understand about depression? Feel free to add other issues you feel are important/relevant in understanding depression.”

Question 10 has been changed to “If you had to illustrate/personify your depression, what would it look like? Could you draw a picture of it? It doesn’t matter how good your art is, any imagery of how you imagine your depression to look like would be useful and informative.”

We felt that it’d be more interesting/informative to see how people view their depression without forcing them to portray it as a goblin.

EDIT MK2: When sending this to friends, I added this onto the end:

“You don’t have to answer any questions if you don’t want to or if they make you uncomfortable.

This is part of my Final Major Project, so please be aware that me and my collaborator will be keeping a record of your answers to these questions in our sketchbooks for marking purposes, but we will make them all anonymous.

We may also experiment with illustrating some responses if we find them inspiring, but we will endeavor to protect your anonymity and we will not sell, commercialise, exhibit, publish, post online or otherwise use any art that directly uses your answers as inspiration without your prior permission.

All feedback is appreciated and I will endeavor to answer any queries you have, whether it’s to do with the project, how the questions are phrased or whatever.

It would be handy if you could answer by Friday 7th February, but if you don’t want to, or you can’t make that deadline, please let me know, and feel free to share this with others who you think would be interested.”

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