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What caught my eye with this one is rather what didn’t catch my eye. The white lined fish in the background fade into the background, but they are also at the same time apart from it.This multilayering is incredibly interesting to me, as is the contrast of bright, warm colour of the frog to the cool colours of the background which seem faded in comparison.

Luciana 2

The shapes of the octopus and the seahorse are a wonderful mix of angular and curved shapes. I’ll need to consider how and if to exaggerate and caricature animals and characters in the book.

Luciana 3

Nothing to say about this, I just really like the composition of the bottom image.

Luciana 4

Overall, I find these images quite inspiring, as well as child-friendly and engaging. It hadn’t occurred to me to use sculpture as mixed media, and now that I think about it it could have quite fun to experiment. While it’s a bit late in my project to consider experimenting with a new material, I can try and consider more use of mixed media, perhaps using what I learned from my 2nd year ‘Fake’ project to make images from both line and card.

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