After asking around, we had 8 responses from friends and family who suffer from depression to our questions from this post. We had decided before even asking the questions that we would not post our results online in reflective journals as they would be incredibly personal and it would be a breach of trust, so that is why you cannot read them. Reading their answers carefully, we worked on identifying the issues which people thought were important and what to avoid. We also doodled goblins and ideas.

Scan 1 Scan 2 Scan 3 Scan 4 (smudge) Scan 5 (pg 1)

However, we realised, just before we started working on the research poster (see next post) that we hadn’t fully considered this project and the role of goblins in it. Our research suggested that some people saw goblins as frightening, and that it might be difficult to portray them as suitable metaphors for how the mind worked. Some of the people we interviewed also had negative viewpoints on goblins, which helped me realise something which should have been immediately obvious; not everyone thinks of goblins in the same way I do. This realisation made me consider that it might affect their interpretation of the work in a negative way. We also found that we hadn’t questioned the need for goblins; it was just an idea that I’d had at the very start as I, on a whim, had originally wanted to make a book that explained anatomy from the point of view of goblins who believed that tiny goblins made everything work.

So, we decided to focus purely on the topics we wanted to discuss and ignore goblins for now as we could decide through our research on how best to explain depression rather than have a specific end-product in mind and try to make the research fit around it.

Scan 7 Scan 8 Scan 9

So, we focused on our research and identified issues which we felt were important, then compared notes and decided on which ones to try and focus on. We narrowed it down to 20 topics and discussed ideas on how to present them in various ways. These topics became the focus of the research poster which I will talk about in the next post.

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