One of the tasks we were set was to create a research poster to present our ideas and research for our FMP in a clear and concise manner, and to make them aesthetically better and more interesting than the average science or medical research poster. Seriously, we had an entire presentation about how research posters are usually just terrible because they’re not designed by graphic designers or illustrators so they end up looking like a bad powerpoint presentation.

About this time me and Fay (with the help of our tutors) had decided that it would be a good idea to ignore the idea of using goblins for the time being and explore other options. I hadn’t been feeling very motivated or inspired recently, so I found this exercise to be a good distraction as it gave me something to focus on even though I was skeptical of the idea initially.

I brainstormed at first, attempting generate ideas from all of the topics that we had decided were important; an exercise I did not only to help create the research poster but also to attempt to inspire myself in furthering the project.

Scan 4Scan 18Scan 3

As you can see, I managed to generate quite a few ideas (some of which remind me a lot of political cartoons) although by the third page I was beginning to lose some steam. From these brainstorms I realised that the most relevant research were the topics that me and Fay had decided on, and that the poster ought to be simple (to be read easily) yet also messy (as it would reflect well on the topic of depression).

Scan 1

I was inspired by my above doodle to use a brain as a focus point for a ‘brainstorm’ which would present my research to the reader.

Scan 5

The above brain was made by drawing it over and over again in charcoal, then smudging it and creating scribbly lines with a putty rubber. The scribbles around the brain were used to frame text on the poster and get across a feeling of mess and darkness.


So, above is the final research poster. I feel that, overall, it has an appropriate tone and aesthetic. It works well visually and captures the attention of the viewer. However, there’re a few issues that need fixing which’re to do with type. Firstly the text size varies everywhere so there’s no type hierarchy. Secondly there isn’t always enough of a gap between the text and the black borders which make the text feel squashed. Thirdly, there’s too much text/information, so it needs to be simplified or some of it needs to be cut out.

Normally I would show some more of the steps of making the poster, but I have unfortunately lost the files. They were all on a usb stick which I have lost and for some reason I didn’t back up the files. This also means that the improvements which I made to the poster after the group crit we had are also lost and I have nothing to show for it. Therefore the only images I have to show of the poster are these photographs, as I still have a print of the poster.

There’s also some mention of changing the project to portray depression as a landscape which I’ll talk about in the next post.

DSCF3289 DSCF3290 DSCF3291DSCF3294 DSCF3292

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