So, as I mentioned in my research poster, Fay and I considered changing our idea so that instead of portraying depression as an entity, we’d present it as a landscape. This idea came from one of the answers to our questionnaire where we asked “What do you think about having goblins representing the mind? Do you think it is appropriate?” and they responded that they thought of depression more like a place, a fog where demons or goblins live. We particularly liked this idea and, after some discussion, we decided that we an underwater or ocean landscape would work quite well as there are good comparisons to be made; lost at sea = feeling lost in life, drowning = overwhelmed with sadness (although that’d also link with suicidal thoughts, it might be a bit too heavy for a children’s book), darkness = looking at the world from a depressed perspective, numbness = feeling detached from the world, and we could make parallels with ideas such as Allie Brosh’s Dead Fish metaphor.


Scan 2 Scan 1Scan 11 pg 2Scan 10  Scan 11

Scan 12

As you can see, I ended up with quite a variety of ideas on how to tackle this project, mostly trying to think of metaphors that would help to explain depression in a way that I thought children could understand. However, I also ran into some problems, which I’ll talk about in the next post.

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