So, here I developed the ideas from the previous post, running mostly with the ideas of isolation, being lost in the woods and being trapped in a bathtup or drowning.

I feel that I should also mention that the target audience age-range has changed. Due to the style of writing (and the occasionaly swearing too I guess), I feel that this would be more appropriate for older ages, such as late teenagers or early twenties and upwards. It can be for anyone who wants to find out more about depression, to try and understand it more but it is also directed at depressed people, even if it’s simply so that they can read it to know that someone out there understands what they’re going through. There are American references and terms in it (ABC, grocery shop etc.) but, in my view anyway, it doesn’t hamper the reading that much if you’re not american as they’re unimportant things which many people will understand from american tv shows or films; If not, then it’s easily googled.

Anyway, that’s a little off topic.

These are just sketches and basic layout ideas which I slapped together on photoshop in a hurry, so apologies for horrendous typographical mistakes.

Article layout idea 1 Article layout pg 2

Because I had so little time left, I thought that perhaps if I simply did these two pages, plus a front and back cover, then I’d be done; turn it into a little zine and the FMP done and dusted. However, after a tutorial, I realised that I was being an idiot and I really don’t know how to justify that; a 4 page zine isn’t really going to impress anyone, especially for an FMP.

Anyhoo, I decided to spread the text further, see how many pages I could get it to go. I also looked into the website newspaperclub.com, as I’d decided that I wanted to present the article in a professional format and a newspaper print seemed to be the way to go, as I could work in a double-page format and treat it as any other narrative. After checking the prices and printing options, as well as experimenting with the layout of the article, I decided to print ten 12 page tabloids for £50, as I’d managed to make the article spread to 10 pages, which leaves me with 2 pages for a front and back cover.

So, with less than a month left until hand in, I drew. At first, I’d purely been using photoshop, but I realised that InDesign would be a lot more useful when it came to placing and editing typefaces and the placement of both the text and imagery, so I used a mix of both. Drawing the individual images on Photoshop, I then arranged using InDesign and experimented with how the text and images interacted with each other, which I’ll show in different posts.

EDIT: The typeface is Franklin Gothic Medium, as I’d researched and found that Franklin Gothic was apparently a popular typeface in American Newspapers. I might’ve gone for a different headline typeface, but I didn’t have a lot of time left to research and most of the typefaces I found were not a default on InDesign and often expensive to buy.

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