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Just to give some context, the events in ‘Salvaging the remains of the project‘ where I changed the project from ‘Making a book about depression aimed at children’ into ‘Illustrating an article about depression’ took about a week. ‘The beginning of an article‘ was further week (during which I probably could have accomplished so much more to be honest). After that, ‘The First Version‘, ‘The Second Version‘ and ‘The Third Version‘ all took another week to do. After that, I took my copy to be reviewed by my tutors. The general comments were that my text was too large (size 14) so it should be no larger than size 12, and that for the main text I should try using a typeface like Scala instead of Corbel. The other main criticism was that the layout was too similar throughout the article. There were always two columns of text and either one image which spread across two apges or two images that basically reflected each other in terms of positioning. While it wasn’t bad per se, my tutor felt that it was very safe, and not particularly interesting or experimental enough; If I were to push myself, I could get so much more out of the pages by playing about with them.

Cover (FMP final images (unfinished) 4)

This is my first real attempt at making a cover for this article. The last version was pretty poor and no-effort had gone into it, so this was an improvement by miles. The image I made as another reference to the feeling of isolation that many depressives go through.

I liked the layout of the cover, but I couldn’t get the text to work properly. It seemed too cluttered and not unbalanced, especially as I couldn’t decide on what to do with the ‘of’ in ‘Miles and Miles of No-Man’s land’. Adding it onto one line made the other line seem too imbalanced and didn’t really flow well.

After asking a tutor about it, I managed to identify what to change:

Cover (FMP finished (Print 2))

I moved the tag-line back with the main text as it was taking away focus from the title, which is now left aligned which, in its current layout, balances the text and solves the problem of what to do with the ‘of’. I also extended the border of the cover image towards the spine as, due to the way that it’s printed, there was no need to constrain it within the bleed. Finally, I redrew the the transparent layer beneath the text, as I felt that it didn’t look scribbly enough like the rest of the image.

Pg Spread 1 (FMP finished (Print 2)) Pg Spread 2 (FMP finished (Print 2))

This looks a lot better now with more columns, especially as now there’s more room for the image to shine.

Pg Spread 3 (FMP finished (Print 2)) Pg Spread 4 (FMP finished (Print 2))

This page work so much better not. I think having the text interact with the characters works incredibly well, and gives the whole page a sense of depth.

PgSpread 5 (FMP finished (Print 2))

This one was awkward. I couldn’t get the phone and laptop to work well together, so I thought perhaps if I got rid of one of them I could experiment with using just one image and repeating the avoid the ‘Two columns, two-pictures’ pattern that had been going on, but it just didn’t work. I tried positioning it all over, experimenting with different page layouts and switching between the phone and the laptop. It always felt like there was too much of a gap on one page, especially when compared with the other page spreads.

EDIT: I also changed the text visible on both the phone and laptop. Originally I had the text on the laptop say “Hey, I know we haven’t talked much recently, but I’ve been in a really bad state and I’d like to talk to someone.” and the text on the phone was the same except it also had “Sure, what’s up?”. I replaced these with scribbles which look similar enough to text, as I felt that the actual message written wasn’t necessarily important, so instead the scribbles are there as something in which people could mentally insert their own messages and thus be more universal.

Back Cover (FMP final images (unfinished) 4)

First attempt at a back page. Originally I wanted to draw something for this, but I was running out of time (at this point I had about 2 weeks until hand-in and I needed to send off the .pdf to newspaperclub.com soon in order to make sure that the printed newspaper arrived on time, as it took 2-7 working days.

When compared with other back covers, this seems too loud. It needed to be smaller and lower down, less like a title and more reserved. Also, I decided to get rid of the link to the original article, mostly because it looks messy and the author’s website is listed anyway so it can be found easily enough with google or a quick search of the title on the website itself.

Back Cover (FMP finished (Print 2))

Tada! Simple and effective.

One thing which has yet to be edited is removing the hyphenation that occurs throughout the entire article. Luckily, I’ve found that there is a function on indesign which does this automatically so it’s not too big an issue.

Next post.

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