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Only a couple of changes in this version, but the biggest change is the typeface of the main text. The title remains in Franklin Gothic Medium, but the main body of text has now been switched to Corbel.

Cover (FMP final images (unfinished) 3)Pg Spread 1 (FMP final images (unfinished) 3)

Trees have been moved about a little bit. (Shock! Horror!)

Pg Spread 2 (FMP final images (unfinished) 3) Pg Spread 3 (FMP final images (unfinished) 3)

I finally managed to get this page to work! One of the problems I had was that the head was completely vertical for a while, which made her pose look unnatural and uncomfortable until I worked out the problem and changed the angle. I also had difficulty with the proportions of her body, but that’s all fixed now.

I really like this page, espeically as the text and image work really well together, complementing and accentuating each other.

I did try another version with her at the bottom of the page which I liked, but I felt that it wasn’t as powerful as the above version:

Page spread 3

Pg Spread 4 (FMP final images (unfinished) 3) Pg Spread 5 (FMP final images (unfinished) 3)

Tried shifting these images around. I like it better than the last version, but the layout is too similar to the previous page spread.

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